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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zart - A Z-Machine Interpreter Written in Dart

My first truly amazing experience in gaming was Zork I, crafted by long defunct Infocom (sad).  Back then, the wow-factor of the cross-platform virtual machine and sophisticated parser was huge.  It seemed like the whole geek-world was giddy with text adventure fever!

This project represents my homage to those days.  It seems somehow appropriate to marry such and old, yet still somehow impressive, virtual machine technology with today's latest and greatest: Dart!  On all counts, it is for me a labor of love.  

Zart is not a port, strictly speaking.  It is written from the ground-up, primarily from the (thankfully) still existing Z-Machine Standards Document.

I present to you Zart, running the public domain version of Zork: Mini-Zork.  Watch out for the grue!

UPDATE: The web demo (link below) now supports "save" and "restore".  It allows only a single save, but hey, not too shabby for a browser app.  The save game remains available even after you close the browser window.

Source Code:

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