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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back In Business

Took a little hiatus from my Dart projects so I could focus my energy on other priorities.  Now that I'm past that, it's back to LUCA UI and Reactive Dart.

Speaking of LUCA UI, I'm trying to think of a better name for it; open to any suggestions.

Also speaking of LUCA UI.  The latest incarnation of Dart has broken the project completely.  One of the necessities of a framework like LUCA is that it needs to know when elements are inserted or removed from the visual tree.  There are some not-so-well supported DOM events for this ("mutation events"), however the dart:html library does not implement them.  My quick solution was to hack around the Dart abstraction and access the mutation events directly, but that is no longer working.  I'm now faced with two choices:

  1. Find another hack.
  2. Write my own mutation handler.

This time, I'm opting for option #2.  This will require a fairly significant face-lift for the project.  It will also mean the code will remain broken for quite some time so I'm going to keep it in a separate branch until it is working again.

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