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Sunday, November 6, 2011

LUCA UI for Silverlight 4, v1.0alpha Released

LUCA UI for Silverlight is a collection of flexible layout controls for Silverlight 4. Basically, using these controls you can create the same type of user-definable UI that Visual Studio and Expression Blend have.
Controls Included:
  • LUCAMenuStrip - a full-featured menu control, supporting adornments, accelerator key text, and nested sub-menus  
  • LUCAMenu - a menu control for the LUCAMenuStrip
  • LUCAMenuItem - a menu item control for the LUCAMenu
  • LUCAWindow - a dockable window, which also supports a LUCAMenuStrip control if desired.
  • LUCATabbedWindow - a dockable window that can container multiple tabbed content areas, which are detachable/attachable from the window
  • LUCATabItem- content item for the LUCATabbedWindow
  • LUCAToolBar - a dockable auto-orienting toolbar.
  • LUCAToolBarItem - content item for the LUCAToolBar
  • LUCAStackPanel - A flexible container which allows other LUCA controls to dock, undock, etc.
  • LUCALayoutPanel - The root layout for LUCA controls
Additionally, the library provides the following other capabilities:
  • Drag & Drop sub-framework - register your own controls and it just works
  • Commanding Extension - easier command bindings
  • Binder extension - helps bind elements with relative sources, etc, based on this work by Colin Eberhardt
  • Identicon control - a Silverlight implementation of this codeplex project
  • Powerful Xaml Query Extensions - Some using Rx for Silverlight.
Github Repository
Codeplex Project Site

Live Demo
For a working demo of this framework (using a version of Xamla on top of the framework) can be found here: Click Here.

Project Videos
I've posted some videos of my in-progress development of LUCA UI on my Google+ profile here.


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